Unwriiten Hit

by Eston



Written by E. Dickinson. Recorded & Produced by Cameron Stenger. Performed by Eston, Cameron Stenger & Sarah Ward, Spring 2015.


I felt that nothing could ever change my heart
Another lesson learned in our time apart,
In the way Josie always says
She intends to mend one day after today

A dreamy loner I still play the part
Soaked in maudlin moods that never stop,
In this change the leaves have drained
into stains that no longer waylay my pain

The inner hourglass shatters at the start
Every moment together echoes years apart,
In the way we will always break
What we’ve made
All alone in the worlds where we played
Lost to never know so
Lost to never know so

The Greatest Hit we share is yet to write
Lives will twist and bend in the blinding light,
As we pray wait & contemplate
of a time
When our love did lie where we lay
Our love did lie where we lay
Our love did lie where we lay


Eston: Lead Vox, Acoustic Guitar. Cameron Stenger: Backing Vox, Lead Guitars, Piano, Percussion. S. E. Ward: Backing Vox.



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Eston Raleigh, North Carolina

"AM Gold" is made with love and dedication; seeking eternal song that will happen to the pantheon of gold and timeless compositions. x Simon Zico, Soyuz

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